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In the ever-expanding tech-world, whenever the choice of right programming language for a software product comes, it is quite a challenging task. Be it an MNC or a budding startup, the choice of programming language for their software is a make-or-break factor for their business.

Also, if you look into the history of software, you will find many catastrophic incidents that were a result of an inappropriate programming language.

So to avoid that you must take inspiration from those who were able to make the right decision for themselves.

PayPal, Netflix & Groupon are few such biggies who trusted JavaScript, and their success is world-renowned.

“One amusing fact about JavaScript is that 95.2% of the websites worldwide are currently running on it.”

All this due to its:

  • Lightweight
  • High-level interpretation
  • Scalability
  • Platform independence, and much more.

The question that arises here is “Are all javascript frameworks equally good?”

Well, I will not keep you in any dilemma. The answer to this question is A Big No. There are top 3 and most reliable Javascript frameworks that you can trust for your business or as I call them Three-ific.

Top 3 JavaScript Frameworks For Businesses.

I have chosen these frameworks based on their usage statistics, advantages, disadvantages, prominent websites using them, and my experience in the software industry.


I am pretty sure that you are not surprised by seeing ReactJS in the top 3 JavaScript frameworks list. ReactJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript Library and not a full-fledged framework. It was created back in 2011 by a group of developers at Facebook, and Jordan Walke led the team. The framework was released for the public in 2013.

React is loved by businesses and developers due to its blazing-fast rendering by making use of “Virtual DOM”. This means that only those components on the page will render which have changed and not the entire page.

React has been continuously winning the hearts of entrepreneurs and became the favourite JavaScript Framework.

ReactJS Usage Stats 2021:

ReactJS won #1 for the 4th consecutive year at the State of JS 2019 survey conducted for JavaScript developers!

71.7% of developers globally are currently using React while an additional 12% have shown a keen interest in learning React to meet future demands.

In another developers’ survey conducted by StackOverflow 2020, ReactJS stood at the 2nd most popular web framework.

Though in the above survey, jQuery surpassed ReactJS by 35.9% votes, it has been steadily losing its shares to React in 2020.

According to Wappalyzer and BuiltWith, almost 1.6 million websites(live and historical) have been built using ReactJS.

Benefits of Using ReactJS:

Reusable Components: React has a component-based approach helping developers to import or reuse UI instead of coding them from scratch.

Easy Integration: React allows integration with other frontend and back-end frameworks like the popular PHP framework Laravel to work in tandem without a hitch.

One Direction DataFlow: One of the primary differences between React and Angular1 was that React was based on a downward One directional dataflow architecture rather than a 2-way data binding as that of Angular. This was to ensure that the child element does not affect the parent element making the code bug free.

Simpler Syntax: Instead of using the actual JavaScript, React uses JSX JavaScript extension. The JSX has an HTML like syntax, making the code easier to read, understand, and maintain.

Virtual DOM: React creates a virtual representation of DOM called the Virtual DOM or vDOM. React compares the virtual DOM to the real DOM to render components that have not been changed instead of rendering the entire page leading to its blazing performance.

SEO: After some improvements React is one of the most SEO friendly frontend frameworks that facilitate page crawling. Traditionally, the JavaScript frameworks that render content dynamically were not good at SEO performance and were incompatible with search engine crawler.

Continuous Improvement: ReactJS is a continuously evolving and innovating framework adding critical features like Hooks, Fiber, Concurrent Mode, Suspense, etc. for reducing the boilerplate code. This improved the concurrency and led to faster rendering, boosting its performance, making React a strong contender as the best JavaScript framework.

Disadvantages of ReactJS:

From a business point of view, there is no such disadvantage of using ReactJS. There are only a few which new developers face. To resolve this issue, you can hire ReactJS developers from an experienced company.

Famous Websites Using ReactJS:

Netflix, Airbnb, BBC, Dropbox, Facebook, Github, Instagram, Medium, PayPal, OkCupid, Twitter, Uber, Udemy, Whatsapp, Tesla, The New York Times, Pinterest, Reddit.



The next JavaScript framework on our top 3 JavaScript frontend frameworks is AngularJS. It is an open-source typescript based JavaScript framework by Google and is generally used to build client-side single-page web applications.

AngularJS was created by Google engineers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. It was in 2010 when it got its name as AngularJS or Angular1. But soon after the popularity of React, Angular1 was pushed down. However, with the required features and competitive spirit, Angular stood up again with its Angular2 version (or better known as just Angular).

Taking inspiration from React, Angular made some drastic changes. The most significant change was a shift from MVW architecture (model view whatever) to component-based architecture similar to that of React.

Angular Usage Stats 2021:

Angular bagged the 3rd place in the Space of JS 2019 survey for the 2nd consecutive year!

21.9% of JavaScript developers polled are currently using Angular for their projects. And 9.7% of new developers have shown interest in learning it for future use.

In StackOverFlow’s developer survey 2020, Angular was ranked 7th most popular web framework globally. In the same study, it was ranked 2nd most liked JavaScript Framework.

Currently, there are approx. 3.6 million live and historical websites made using Angular. This number is the highest for any frontend JavaScript framework.

Benefits of Using AngularJS:

Component-Based Architecture: After dropping the MVW architectural model, Angular followed the path of React and started using the component-based architecture.

Server Performance: Angular provides support to out of the box caching and tons of other features to ensure fast server performance.

MVC: Model View Controller in Angular encourages key features like scopes and data binding. It also ensures UI and App logic on a program are isolated from each other.

2-way Data Binding: One key feature of Angular is 2-way data binding. It forms a link between the Model layer and View layer in a way that each one of them reflects a change in another.

Enterprise-level: AngularJS is seen to be appropriate for enterprise-level web applications due to its high performance and scalability.

Third-Party Integration: To further enhance their web applications, Angular provides a rich collection of third party integration.

The disadvantage of AngularJS:

Difficult Migration: Even though Angular1 is now obsolete, there are many applications still using it. Migrating from Angular1 to the current version, i.e. Angular 9 is extremely painful.

Other disadvantages are again for the new developers and for that you need not worry. You can hire AngularJS developers for your project.

Famous Websites Using ReactJS:

Google, Forbes, Guardian, Freelancer, Vevo, Upwork, Walmart, Youtube, Lego, IBM, iStock.


The next best JavaScript framework of 2021 is Vue.js. It is also an open-source, lightweight frontend JavaScript framework used for building creative user interfaces and high-performance single-page web apps just-like-that!

Evan You, a developer at Google, took inspiration from Angular and developed Vue in 2014. The goal was to deliver a simple, lightweight, and efficient alternative for Angular.

Though Vue has adopted its major traits from Angular and React, it has made some significant improvements on those features to build a better and secure framework which is easy to work with.

Vue.js Usage Statistics:

In the State of JS 2019 survey, Vue was placed at 2nd position by businesses and developers for the 2nd consecutive year.

40.5% of JavaScript devs are currently using Vue.js and will love to keep using it in future.

The number of new developers showing interest is 34.5% which is higher than both Angular and React.

In StackOverFlow’s survey of 2020, Vue was seen as the 7th most popular web framework choice of businesses & developers and 3rd most used JavaScript framework.
The number of websites using Vue.js, both live and historical, is approx 693k.

Benefits of Using Vue.js:

Simplicity: The most potent arrow in Vue’s quiver is simplicity. Any React, or Angular developer can quickly learn Vue.js without breaking a sweat.

Performance: When it comes to performance, each framework has some strong points and some weak points. But talking about Vue, the third-party tests show that Vue 2.0 outperforms Angular. It is also at par with React when it comes to performance.

Hybrid In Nature: As Vue is younger than other frameworks, it has a unique ability to learn from experiences. It combines things that are appealing about Angular and React while dropping the unnecessary.

Disadvantages of Vue.js:

From a business point of view, there is no disadvantage of investing in Vue.js. The only thing that you need to know is since Vue.js is younger than Angular and React, there are not many companies or skilled developers present. So you must hire VueJS developers from a trusted company only.

Famous Websites Using ReactJS:

9gag, Adobe, Apple Swift UI, BMW, Chess, Gitlab, Laravel, Behance, Bili Bili, Zoom, Trivago, Louis Vitton, Nintendo.



Undoubtedly, JavaScript will continue to rule the web app development world. But out of all the options available, choosing the right JavaScript framework for your business is not going to be easy. Each framework is a complete package in itself, and now you must determine which one will suit your business requirements.

With this article, I brought up all that will help you in making the right decision and all that you must know about top JavaScript frameworks for 2021. If you still have any query or suggestion, feel free to comment below. Till then, cheers!

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